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This Link will take you to the website of “Destination Cornwall”. This was the brain child of the Late Graham Hawkey.  He loved his Cornwall and spent a great deal of his time and money in setting up this website which took off in 1998.  He was a great supporter of the National Coastwatch Institution especially that of St Ives, and used to visit regularly and supported when it opened in 1999.
I remember every morning at about 0700 Graham would phone up St Ives NCI (amongst others) and ask, “What is the weather like, are there many boats out? What about the coastal paths and car parks”,  of course being St Ives the normal reply was the coastal paths are wet!  This would then appear on his web site.  A good deal of the hotels would print of the relevant pages for the information of their guests. Unfortunately Graham passed away in July 2006 having suffered with cancer.  I am proud to have known him.

Hayle (Cornish: Heyl, meaning estuary) is a small town, civil parish and cargo port in west Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. It is situated at the mouth of the Hayle River (which discharges into St Ives Bay) and is approximately seven miles (11 km) northeast of Penzance.[1]

Hayle parish was created in 1888 from part of the now defunct Phillack parish, with which it was later combined in 1935, and incorporated part of St Erth in 1937. The modern parish shares boundaries with St Ives to the west, St Erth to the south, Gwinear and Gwithian in the east, and is bounded to the north by the Celtic Sea.

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Visiting St Ives.  Want to know what the weather is likely to be.  The button on the left will take you to the Met Office website and to St Ives local weather page.

The Tide tables are supplied by the Hydrographic Office.  All the RNA at St Ives are providing is a convenient link into this site and can accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided this is purely the responsibility of the Admiralty.

The National Coastwatch Institution is a voluntary institution which is dedicated to keeping a watch around the coast of England and Wales.  The NCI started in Cornwall at Bass Point, by a group of volunteers encouraged by Captain Starling Lark, who was a North Sea / Channel Pilot.  It was reputed that as he boarded a particular ship he commented that “At least if something happens I will be seen by the Coast Guards manning that station”  He was flabagasted to learn that the Lookouts were no longer manned, and that the only manned Coastguard Station was at Falmouth.  Being utterly disgusted and disalusioned he started the NCI.  From those early days it has expanded considerable, although in some peoples mind the original concept has been forgotten.  It was started to enable a visual lookout only to be kept i.e. Mark 1 eyeball.

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